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Emma Levene - Professional dancer, musical theatre, choreographer and dance teacher 


Unique Dance Classes/ Workshops/ one to one lessons  

With my teaching and choreography experience, I can teach you unique choreographic styles, you also able to improve confidence, improve technique and help you to connect with the audience when you performing. You’ll also be able to learn how to portray raw emotions and include expressive movements in your dancing through my classes and workshop. Can teach all ages and all levels.

Get in Touch to book your classes/workshops and one to one  

Performing and choreographing 

I have been dancing/performing professionally for 23 years and am now sharing my knowledge with all different clients in London, United Kingdom. Having dyspraxia and being small has never stopped me from achieving my dreams. My passion and love for dancing and performing are what makes me stand out from the crowd.

With my experience, I am available to perform and choreography for all type of event to a very high standard and to be able to connect my dancing and choreography to all type of audiences. I can also able to portray raw emotions and include expressive movements when performing and also with my choreography.

Please also visit 

If you also like to book the dance company to dance alongside me as well.

Contact by email [email protected] to make a quote.

Get touch with me for performances and choreography! 

Media ​

Check out the video below my dance showreel, teaching reel, choreography reel and also my dance company reels


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